The Promise of Digital Textbooks

By: Absolute Team | 4/16/2013

We just uploaded a new whitepaper, "Realizing the Promise of Digital Textbooks," a look into how new technology is finally making the use of digital textbooks possible, offering new and interesting ways to customize learning.

While South Korea aims to completely digitize the entire curriculum by 2015, the use of digital textbooks in the US is still lower. In higher education, 13% of students prefer to use digital textbooks, though the numbers are steadily rising. The shift in device preference is, in part, driving the demand for digital textbooks as students move to tablets for all-in-one learning rather than using dedicated e-book readers.

Our new whitepaper discusses some of the other challenges that schools at all educational levels face when integrating digital textbooks, from striking deals with publishers, navigating through various file formats and compatibility issues, finding tools to monitor the use of school-owned student devices, as well as removing inappropriate content and tracking down lost or stolen devices.

Read the full whitepaper here and check out our tips on how to keep school tablets safe.

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