The Network Perimeter is in Your Pocket

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 3/29/2016

HPE’s Cyber Risk Report 2016 details the evolving threat landscape, including a growing number of threats on endpoint devices. According to the report, though threats continue to evolve, it’s not always new vulnerabilities being exploited, showing a continued complacency that affects not just patching, but other areas of data security, as our own survey has shown.

One of the key themes of this year’s survey is that the “perimeter of your network” is no longer really about your network. As we've said before, mobile devices are expanding the attack surface, and agree that the “actual perimeter of your network is likely in your pocket right now.” The focus of attack is now on the application level, instead of directly on servers and operating systems. Other insights from the report include:

  • Over 10,000 new threats were discovered daily on the Android platform (up 153% since 2014)
  • Over 80% of open source and commercial applications suffer from feature vulnerabilities that could leak data or be accessed if a device is lost or stolen
  • The #1 most exploited vulnerability in 2015 is over 5 years old and was the most exploited in 2014. It was patched by the vendor twice
  • 35% of applications scanned exhibit at least one critical or high-severity vulnerability

On the one hand, it is very important that vendors create more secure products, as their applications are becoming now the first-line of attack for organizations. From an organizational security standpoint, visibility of the endpoint is more important than ever. Here at Absolute, we help organizations gain visibility into the endpoint, providing a reliable two-way connection so they can monitor, assess risk and respond appropriately to security incidents. Learn more at

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