The End of Help Desk Tickets

By: Kim Ellery | 11/2/2017

Help Desk Tickets are annoying for everyone. I can’t log in. Why isn’t my VPN working? I got the blue screen of death. Why can’t I print? End users don’t like encountering problems that get in the way of their productivity and IT teams don’t like being tasked with repetitive and menial problems that get in the way of tackling bigger projects. Help desk tickets, and the continued rise in hours to manually chase down security alerts from endpoint agents, are costing organizations millions of dollars each year.

A lot can happen over the lifetime of a device, constantly changing locations, users, and configurations — all impacting your security posture and productivity. Attempting to manage this complexity with existing tools that rely on a network connection is nearly impossible.

According to the Ponemon Cost of Insecure Endpoints Benchmark Study recently commissioned by Absolute, the fragility of endpoint controls is a leading cause of calls to help desks, which receive nearly 615 endpoint alerts in a typical week, only 45% of which are considered reliable. Valuable time and resources are exhausted in manually completing time-consuming tasks such as resetting VPN clients and ensuring the integrity of the layered endpoint controls.

Survey respondents reported spending an average of 1,156 hours a week to detect and contain insecure endpoints - the equivalent of 28.9 full-time employees spending 100% of their time managing endpoints. This time wasted chasing false alerts could lead to mistakes or delays in response that result in costly data breaches.

IT teams are clearly wasting hundreds of hours on manual tasks and employees are equally frustrated with delays in remediating help desk tickets. They want immediate answers. The answer to both problems is automation.

Using Automation to Remediate Issues Before They Become Help Desk Tickets

A primary reason endpoints — and the data on them — are so vulnerable today is the ease with which endpoint controls are disabled or rendered ineffective, either intentionally or by accident. Broken endpoint controls lead to dangerous blind spots and are the top source of help desk tickets. Instead of manually verifying and remediating endpoint alerts related to off-network devices, disabled tracking or broken endpoint controls, the solution lies in automation.

Absolute delivers self-healing endpoint controls to ensure the integrity of layered endpoint security controls and business-critical applications such as VPN solutions, encryption and anti-malware software. Absolute’s patented Persistence technology, already embedded in the firmware of more than one billion PC and mobile devices, combined with Application Persistence, can now initiate an automatic repair or re-installation if corrupted or tampered with in any way,  ensuring the continued health and availability of mission-critical applications. All of this happens in near real-time, with no IT or end-user involvement, solving any software availability issue - before it even becomes an issue.

While Application Persistence can automate repairs to key applications before help desk tickets arise, IT teams can take a proactive approach to IT Asset Management, improving visibility over the devices, data, applications and users. Using Absolute Reach, many manual tasks can be automated without requiring a connection to the corporate network. Absolute Reach reduces the response time needed to query endpoint devices and deploy automated software updates, as well as the remediation of dark endpoints, ransomware attacks and other endpoint vulnerabilities.

The Ponemon report also found that automation is the primary tool needed to combat the rise in fruitless investigation efforts, which are wasting an average of 425 man-hours each week, as teams chase both false negatives and false positives. The savings on personnel costs, combined with productivity gains and the prevention of reputation loss or fines, makes automation a valuable investment.

A well-managed endpoint is a powerful IT and security asset that works for - not against - you. With Absolute, you can take back control of your desktop and mobile endpoints, even when devices are off of the corporate network or in the wrong hands. Absolute helps maximize your technology deployment and existing security controls, increasing resource effectiveness while reducing the risk of security incidents — ultimately providing you with unrivaled assurance.

When you eliminate help desk issues, you eliminate the security blind spots that are associated with broken endpoint controls. 

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