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The Daily Data Dangers on the Endpoint

March 31, 2016

When we think about data security, we often think about big nameless groups of hackers banging at the ‘door’, trying to find a way inside the network. The truth is, while this Hollywood-ized view of data security highlights the challenges in protecting data from hackers, it doesn't speak the full truth. The real truth is that it’s a combination of all the ‘little things’ we do each day that are truly putting data at risk, exposing it outright, losing it or opening those doors for hackers.

We all check our emails when we’re away from the office. We all do just a little bit more work at home. I challenge you to imagine a single day of ‘work’ without your mobile device. While mobile devices and BYOD have changed the way we work, they have come with their own security risks. These risks, while not glamorized with a lot of media attention, contribute a great deal to the rise in data breaches we’ve been seeing in the past few years.

In an article on ITProPortal, I talk about How to combat the daily data dangers facing your organization, including:

Despite investing in endpoint security technologies like encryption or antivirus, the endpoint still exposes businesses to huge vulnerabilities. The growing attack surface presented on the endpoint, combined with the rise of the insider threat from malicious, negligent or unsuspecting employees, means that it’s easier than ever for data to be put at risk, and more costly than ever too. In order to safely embrace the benefits of mobility, I outline the importance of education & training, automation and monitoring, and implementing robust IT security policies regarding data and device security. In the event of a data breach, it’s also important to be able to prove that data was properly secured to maintain compliance.

Policies only go so far, as people really are the ‘Achilles heel’ of data security on the endpoint: lost or ‘appropriated’ devices, under- or over-licensing issues, devices running older versions of security solutions, employees switching off encryption or sometimes even the sheer number of devices. Having an ‘always on’ technology that proactively manages these types of issues is essential to maintaining compliance and mitigating risk. Learn more about how Absolute can help your organization ensure & prove compliance, maintain accountability around your IP & data, respond to insider threats and provide visibility to the endpoint, on or off network, at Absolute.com

Endpoint Security Enterprise Products

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