The BYOD Movement - A Cultural Shift

By: Absolute Team | 2/15/2012

This year, the talk in IT asset management is all about BYOD - bring your own device. Companies are now offering staff the chance to bring their own devices to work - laptops, tablets or smartphones. Some of the cost or maintenance of these devices may be corporately subsidized, but cost logistics aside, there are a lot of support requirements to manage a BYOD policy.

A new post on the BBC talks about the trends, including the consumerization of IT, as well as the opportunities and challenges of the BYOD movement.

Stephen Midgley, VP of Global Marketing here at Absolute Software, quotes some of our own current research into the BYOD movement and talks about the necessary cultural shift this movement is creating:

"We're actually hearing from our own customers, during the interview process, where potential employees are asking what kind of device they will be able to use to access the network.

It's the new reality for organizations, and IT needs to find an effective way to securely manage these devices. What we've seen is a cultural divide between IT and the rest of the organization.

IT thinks about security, that's their job, the rest of the organization doesn't."

Our survey found that 64% of IT managers thought it was too risky to let personal devices be integrated into the business network, though 52% of companies still allowed some form of access.

The BBC article references research and insights compiled from various other corporations. The discussion highlights how it's not just the consumerization of IT, but also trends such as the growth in mobile devices and cloud computing, that are driving this shift to BYOD. Gartner is referenced as finding that 33% of Business Intelligence will be consumed from a mobile device by the end of 2013 - an astonishing figure that has grown from almost nothing within a handspan of years.

How are you handling the transition into BYOD?

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