The Benefits of Time Bombing in Data Security

By: Absolute Team | 2/20/2013

In computer software, a time bomb is a program that will stop working after a predetermined date or time has been reached. Time bombing can apply to a whole program, such as occurs with a beta release of a program, but it can also apply to the management of data. In terms of data security, deleting data is more secure than controlling access to the data. When this data is available for a predetermined time-period only, it has less of a chance of being compromised. To "time bomb" data is to automatically remote it after a certain time period, such as the duration of a confidential meeting, for example.

Data Removal Trumps Encryption

Many products rely on mobile device hardware encryption to secure corporate data. If the device is
at risk, lost, or stolen – or if it is employee-owned and the employee is leaving the organization –
the IT administrator will remove the provisioning profile or configuration profile to block access to the
associated data. However, this does not automatically delete the data. Instead, it is locked behind the
hardware encryption, and is still vulnerable if the device is jailbroken or rooted.

AbsoluteSafe provides a more comprehensive data security option. When an IT administrator transfers documents or media to a managed device, it is controlled with a new Media Policy, providing options for deleting files if files or devise are removed from the Media Policy.

In addition to time-limiting access, AbsoluteSafe also allows you to distribute files without email, to delete files from a device at the discretion of IT, to password protect files, and to control sharing options (print, email, etc.). AbsoluteSafe is available with Absolute Manage for Mobile Devices. Learn more about AbsoluteSafe here.

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