The Benefits of COPE

By: Absolute Team | 10/30/2012

Although we talk often about the shift towards BYOD (bring-your-own-device), there are other alternatives that can be explored for corporate mobility. COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled) is one such option that offers a more structured approach to consumerization and mobility.

COPE allows companies to own the line of service while giving employees the chance to choose the approved device and use it for personal reasons. In this way, employees are able to derive the benefits of BYOD without incurring some of the risks associated with it. Risks that often deter companies from BYOD include the complexity of managing and securing multiple device types including providing access, updating firmware, managing apps, and managing network access (including revoking access when necessary).

At a high-level, the benefits of COPE include:

  • You (the organization) own the line of service
  • You select the preferred device(s) you want to support, minimizing the requirement to support all device types
  • Devices can be kept more up-to-date (so you don't have to support older devices)
  • You retain rights to wipe or disconnect devices without infringing on personal data / ownership issues
  • Can set up a cost-sharing model with employees for both device and usage. Unlike traditional company-owned devices, COPE allows for tighter control of costs
  • Employees have the support of IT for device issues
  • Large orders for devices / carriers can offer cost savings to both employees and you
  • Less exposure to legal and HR issues
  • You keep the phone number if an employee leaves

BYOD and COPE do not need to be mutually exclusive. In fact, some companies will choose to allow BYOD for certain employees while managing devices under COPE for others (often those with more data access).

Whether you choose BYOD, COPE or a hybrid model, make that you are also using a security solution that allows you visibility into your device deployment. With Absolute's adaptive endpoint security solution, you will know immediately if a device goes missing. This valuable insight is delivered through a cloud-based console that requires no additional IT infrastructure. Learn more at

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