Talking Endpoint Security with "Truth in IT"

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 2/26/2014

I recently sat down for a quick podcast with Dave Littman of Truth in IT a part of their "Frequently Unasked Questions" series. I give a look into what we do at Absolute Software and the common reasons that customers begin looking for endpoint security solutions. In reality, endpoint security is a necessary part of every company.

Dave asked me to set out 3 questions that every potential customer should ask endpoint security vendors who are assessing an endpoint security solution, to which I answered:

  • If a thief steals a PC and re-installs Windows, is it possible to track & secure that device?
  • If a device is off your network and encryption is disabled, will you be notified and is there any protection?
  • If a device behaves suspiciously, such as turning up in an unexpected location (maybe a different country) or a different subnet, are you alerted and are there tools to manage that situation and protect your data?

As I prefaced to these questions, we believe in a layered approach to endpoint security. Encryption? Good, but not enough. Anti-virus? Good, but not enough. If you're wondering how we'd answer those questions?

  • You bet. Only Absolute Computrace offers the persistence that can do this.
  • Yes, you can monitor the status of encryption on each endpoint, thereafter having the option to retrieve, delete and/or wipe files and freeze devices that may be noncompliant.
  • Sure. You can track both current and historical locations of a device, with geofences and alerts if devices strata. Our data security features allows you to safeguard and remove data at risk.

To learn how Computrace can be a part of your layered security approach, allowing you to persistently track and secure your endpoints, visit here. For more insights, check out the podcast here.

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