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Survey Says UK CISO's Top Threats are Ransomware and Mobile Work

May 29, 2024

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Many Ignore NCSC guidance, Cite Ransomware and Mobile Work as Top Concerns

Ahead of Infosec Europe 2024, Absolute commissioned a survey of 250 UK Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) through Censuswide to reveal top cybersecurity concerns and the state of cyber resilience in the region. Although not all the findings were surprising, several were quite shocking, to say the least. Among these:

  • Over one-third (35 per cent) of UK CISOs are ignoring the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC’s) cybersecurity guidance
  • Two-thirds (64 per cent) said the UK has a poor cyber resilience strategy, failing to define clear response policies to recover from cyber breaches
  • Forty-three per cent admit their cybersecurity teams haven’t been given enough budget to keep their organisation protected
  • Sixty-two per cent worry they would lose their job if their organization was hit with a major, successful attack

In addition to these takeaways, the report provides in-depth analysis of the risks driven by mobile and remote workforces, concerns associated with the new AI trend, and continued fears related to ransomware and state-sponsored attacks. CISOs and other security and risk professionals tasked with defending their businesses against modern-day threats will find the information especially compelling, as it provides analysis that can help them strengthen their security and risk postures as well as overall cyber resilience.

Download the full report: Absolute Security United Kingdom CISO Cyber Resilience Report 2024

Endpoint Security Ransomware Cyber Resilience

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