Students at Risk with School-Issued iPads

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 5/3/2013

iPads in the classroom have expanded the way and amount of information children are exposed to and are an essential tool in many schools across North America. With the explosion of 1:1 programs new questions are being raised about the safety of the children carrying these devices. These tablets often cost more than $500 and when a child is carrying them to and from school they become a target for thieves.

ABC 13 Action News highlights this concern in the story Police say school-issued iPads being stolen from kids.

Metro Officer Rachel Calderon states:

"Here you have kids walking down the street with a brand new iPad in hand, and what we're seeing is an abundance of adults -- people twice their size -- snatching the devices right out of their hands."

Not only are children's safety at risk, once the device is stolen it is very difficult for many schools districts to get them back.

"The problem is, people are restoring the iPads back to factory settings," Warner says. "So, it's hard to utilize applications like 'Find my iPad.'" says Metro Property Crimes Sgt. George.

These issues can be addressed with Computrace Mobile Theft Management (MTM).

Computrace Mobile Theft Management is a service that allows customers to safeguard their iPad and iPad mini devices from loss and theft. Customers are provided with infrastructure and support to mitigate iPad loss.

The service provides two important components: loss prevention and theft investigation. The Loss Prevention program allows customers, especially K-12 schools, to implement best practices within the schools and amongst the  users to ensure devices are handled responsibly. And if an iPad or iPad mini are reported stolen, the Absolute Investigations team will work closely with local  law enforcement to assist in the investigation and recover the device.

To learn more, visit the Computrace MTM webpage.

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