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Struggles in Security vs Innovation

March 03, 2016

While 80% of organizations believe that security issues are impeding innovation, 37% believe that data security is impeding progress. A further 57% believe that security in general is likely to be compromised as organizations try to innovate quickly. 

These figures show a precarious balance between data security and innovation, showing that each often pays the price for the other. The data comes from a survey commissioned by Webroot and IO, which though primarily examining ‘innovation’ in terms of investment in the Internet of Things (IoT), carries truths that apply across many technologies.

We've seen the same struggles with the growth in the number and diversity of endpoint devices and the growth in the Cloud, with organizations struggling to make use of these technologies while maintaining security. Such struggles have led to growth in Shadow IT, the use of technologies and services outside the control or awareness of IT.

There is no question that new technologies are making their way into the organization, whether officially sanctioned or not. It’s time to turn the spotlight onto these technologies, since the more you see, the more you can protect. Through security training, enforceable and well-communicated policies, and layers of technologies, you can gain back visibility - and control - over all the places where data lives.

A persistent endpoint security solution such as Absolute DDS goes beyond visibility with automated alerts, based on security policies, and response tools to remotely freeze or disable devices, delete or copy data, and prove compliance in an audit report. Learn more about how Absolute can help you bring your data out of the shadows at Absolute.com.

Endpoint Security Enterprise Products

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