How to Stay Ahead of Security Obstacles in 2015

By: Stephen Midgley | 2/5/2015

Now that we’re in February, businesses are looking ahead to their priorities for 2015. If 2014 has taught IT departments anything, it’s that data security needs to be high up on the agenda. In my post for Business 2 Community, “Security Obstacles to Navigate in 2015,” I talk about some of the big trends that are going to impact business data security.

The trends most likely to impact data security are:

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force in 2017 but requires planning now in order to stay compliant
  • Big Data Innovation, and how to balance the benefits of leveraging big data with data leak worries
  • (Even) more mobile, forcing organizations to find a better way to manage the proliferation of devices
  • Changing device capabilities, putting IT on guard about the potential impact on corporate data
  • Generation Z, who take cloud security as ‘given,’ which is a dangerous mindset

The consequences of data breaches are getting worse each year. Learn more about these data security trends and how your business can stay ahead here.

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