Sony Online Entertainment Breaches 24.6 Million

By: Absolute Team | 5/5/2011

On the heels of the Sony PlayStation breach affecting 70 Million, Sony Online Entertainment has suffered a further breach affecting an additional 24.6 Million.

According to Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), during the same time period as the PlayStation breach, hackers also gained access to SOE networks. Personal information from 24.6 million accounts, as well as credit / debit card information on some, may have been breached. You can read more about the security update here, though it's clear from the news that a lot of information and mis-information is out there about the breach.

Sony has yet to comment on the method of the attack, as they are still conducting their investigations. However, Sony has laid the blame for the breach, at least in part, on the vigilante group Anonymous.

It's been a troubling quarter, so far as data breaches go. The figures on DataLossDB show that many of the most recent breaches have affected larger numbers of personal records than in previous months. A troubling trend.

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