Six Things to Do Now to Prepare for Remote Learning

By: Surita Bains | 3/24/2020

The novel Coronavirus has caused widespread school closures with 138 countries closing schools globally, affecting over 1.3 billion students. With little notice, schools must now provide reliable and accessible online learning while ensuring their security controls stay in place.

Based on years of experience enabling remote education, we've put together a few ways you can leverage your existing Absolute tools to keep your students, staff, and devices safe during this period.

  1. Maintain visibility of all devices in your fleet. Manage and control all devices from one console. Track and be alerted when missing devices call in.  Report stolen devices to Absolute's Investigation team, and we'll work with law enforcement to recover them.
  2. Monitor device utilization. Absolute's Device Usage report lets you see when, for how long and how frequently your Chromebook, Windows, and Mac devices are used. You can identify students who are not getting the full benefit from their devices or if devices aren’t being used at all.
  3. Know if students or staff are in high-risk areas. With geofencing alerts you can set custom boundaries and be alerted when devices cross them. When students or staff are at risk, you can check in and advise on precautions.
  4. Maintain your district’s security controls. Absolute's self-healing capability can be extended to AV, encryption, VPN, or any other application that you depend on — so they're always installed, up-to-date, and working correctly.
  5. Fix vulnerabilities remotely. With Absolute, your IT team can remotely execute scripts to repair, patch, and remediate devices.
  6. Know where your sensitive data is at all times. As teachers, support staff, and administrators work remotely, they might take sensitive data and store it locally. With regular EDD scans, you can maintain compliance with FERPA, HIPAA, and other privacy requirements.

If your district or school has new devices to enroll, you can learn how to set up new policy groups, assign licenses to groups, and activate policies in the console by visiting Absolute's Learning Hub.

If you need any assistance or support, please contact [email protected]

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