Secure Your iPad Data

By: Absolute Team | 7/25/2012

Using an iPad at the office is becoming more commonplace. Whether you use it as your primary computer or as a secondary device, iPads are helping to increase the productivity for many people at work.

While Apple details many of the different ways iPads can be used in business, we are primarily concerned with the security of iPads and the sensitive data they contain. Kensington recently released their own list of the top 5 ways to secure your data on the iPad:

  1. Apply pass codes to your apps
  2. Keep your iPad screen clean (so as not to reveal your passcode pattern)
  3. Use text passwords
  4. Keep your iPad locked up
  5. Enable data erase for incorrect password submissions

Absolute Manage MDM can also help you in securing your iPads and other mobile devices with features such as minimum password security settings, device locking, managing profiles, restricting apps, setting up VPNs, wiping lost devices and much more.

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