How to Protect Business Data from Dangerous Apps

August 07, 2014

Is your data under threat? I just wrote an article for TechRadar Pro about How to Protect Your Business From Dangerous Apps, talking about how employees could be inadvertently putting sensitive business data at risk. Both personal and corporate-owned mobile devices can represent threats to enterprise data, but what is less understood is how commonly available apps represent a more covert threat to a security plan.

Many apps rely on “uncontrolled” repositories, storing device data in an area that can be accessed by business and personal apps, sometimes in the cloud and sometimes on multiple pieces of hardware. These repositories cannot be controlled, managed or protected, so how can organizations regain control?

In order to mitigate these risks, organizations need to build a strategy that comprehensively manages both the device and app side of potential threats. In my article, I talk about the importance of striking a balance between data access and security. Taking a more granular approach to target the data being shared itself, using sophisticated solutions such as Absolute Manage, mitigates much of the potential risk.

Although employees may be pushing for greater device selection, whether corporate-owned or BYOD, organizations still need to be wary on Android, where apps with malicious content are becoming a more regular concern. I talk about the idea of partitioning devices to help mitigate these risks.

Finally, I examine in depth the idea of the work/social partition and how it may create unnecessary complexity - and thus problems - for your employees. As with data access, the solution may come from more granular security management. There are considerations here about how to create an effective business strategy to accommodate these issues and evolve as new threats appear.

Read more of my thoughts on managing mobile risks and apps here.

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