Pros and Cons of a BYOD Policy

By: Absolute Team | 8/12/2011

SC Magazine wrote an article about some of the benefits and drawbacks of a BYOD (bring your own device) policy. Employees using their own devices for work used to be a rarity, but now that laptops and handheld devices are prolific, relatively inexpensive and powerful, they are becoming norm. Rather than attempt to supply devices to all employees and block all employee-owned devices from the network, a BYOD policy could be your solution.

There are both advantages and drawbacks to this kind of policy. In order for it to be feasible, employees must agree that lost or stolen devices can be remotely wiped (with software such as our Computrace and Computrace Mobile).

Advantages of a BYOD policy

  • Reduces IT hardware costs
  • Enables staff to work from anywhere
  • Increases feasability of remote staff
  • Employees can meet their own demands for the most up-to-date device
  • Employees are more productive using devices with which they're comfortable

Drawbacks of a BYOD policy

  • It's difficult to make sure all employee devices have been registered and updated with remote-wiping software
  • Increased risk for introducing malware to the corporate network
  • Network access must be revoked when no longer applicable

Rather than dismiss a BYOD policy because of the drawbacks, IT can develop a policy to help mitigate the risks. Our software, for example, can help you manage your security needs as well as your device management needs.

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