Promoting Innovation with Hackathons at Absolute

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/5/2016

Sometimes the best way to tackle a new project is to hunker down and focus. It's even better when you can draw on the resources of your coworkers and get creative. This is exactly what happened at Absolute headquarters in Vancouver, Canada and at our office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Absolute Hackathons are intensive two-day events that give our talented developers the opportunity to feed our innovation engine. Our developers form teams of up to four people—including remote employees—and set to work early in the morning on Day 1.

How We Ran Our First Hackathon

Teams were encouraged to generate their own project ideas and spread out to every corner of the office with laptops in hand to get coding. Dinner was provided to our late-night hackers and many teams chose to work late into the night, fueled by determination and copious amounts of coffee.

The competition wrapped up the next day. Lightning-round style presentations were prepped and delivered in the afternoon, followed by an awards ceremony where the winning teams took home cash prizes and all the bragging rights.

Absolute Hackathon 2016: The Winning Teams

Since there were plenty of innovative and well-executed ideas presented during each hackathon, the judges really had their work cut out to decide on the winning hacks.

In Vancouver, team Good Pirates won the day by creating a P2P network in endpoint agents using Bonjour. This team was able to demonstrate how their hack could improve rollout speeds for updates in large enterprise environments—an area where we see long deployment times today.

Team USBgo stole the show in Ho Chi Minh City, by adding auditing, alerting, and blocking of file copy events to removable, USB media. This capability, when added to Absolute DDS, will offer visibility and control of a major egress point for data theft by insiders.

Watch the video to get an inside-look at the Absolute Hackathons from start to finish. If you were to participate in an Absolute Hackathon, what would you build?

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