Pledge an Act of Green for Earth Day with an Energy Savings Policy

By: Absolute Team | 4/5/2012

Earth Day is fast approaching! On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day rallied together 20 million Americans; this year, more than 1 billion people across over 192 countries will work together to mobilize the environmental movement. You, as an individual and as part of an organization, can take part in this movement - on Earth Day and every day.

Since 2011, Earth Day has been encouraging organizations and individuals with their Billion Acts of Green campaign with a goal of 1 billion registered actions before the Earth Summit this June. There have been over 786,600,000 acts of green since the start of the campaign - and you can make your own pledge, right now… with our help.

We want to inspire you to Work Green! Did you know that with Absolute Manage, our automated power management policies can save your organization $25 - $75 per device simply by regulating power consumption? Not only are you creating your own Act of Green by saving energy within the workplace, you're saving money too!

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Use our Power Management RIO calculator to estimate your annual power management savings and the payback period on your Absolute Manage investment. Head on over here to download our free power management resources and case studies and to learn more.

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