Pink Certification: What You Need to Know

By: Absolute Team | 1/15/2013

ITIL is more than just the five official publications that form the main framework, it is supported by training, certification, consulting, and software tools.

PinkVERIFY ITIL certification, often referred to simply as Pink certification, is an IT Service Management (ITSM) tool suite assessment service provided by Pink Elephant. The goal of Pink certification is to identify software tools that support their ITSM initiatives.

Why Customers Look for Pink

Software tools are vetted by Pink Elephant as being ITIL compatible to general platform, core and integration criteria, simplifying the choice for businesses in choosing vendors. PinkVERIFY tools have been assessed against ITIL terminology, definitions, functionality and workflow requirements for 15 ITSM processes.

Customers engaging in service management projects to align technology to business objectives and customer needs can look to these certifications to ensure the product meets certain requirements to support key technology processes.

Gain continuous compliance

Why Vendors Should Go Pink

Both individuals and software tools can be certified under ITIL. Individuals can be certified with 4 levels of certification. PinkVERIFY certification is a tool certification program for vendors to provide practitioners with an unbiased view of ITIL compatible tools. Vendors and service providers that are certified by PinkVERIFY can use the logo for marketing purposes.

Pink Elephant is one of the Licensed Software Assessors for the Office Of Government Commerce’s ITIL Software Scheme. Endorsed Software Tools listed by the official ITIL site entitle tool vendors to use the official process compliant ITIL swirl logo on software packaging to indicate it was assessed to either a bronze, silver or gold level. Any toolsets meeting PinkVERIFY requirements are eligible for the official process compliant ITIL swirl, in addition to the PinkVERIFY licensed logo.

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