Is Your Organization Prepared for iOS8?

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 7/29/2014

Apple recently unveiled details of its latest iPhone and iPad operating system; iOS8 is set for an autumn launch and promises a host of new features that together reflect the evolution of Apple mobile devices as business tools. Our team has had a look at some of the top new features and I share on International Business Times about how these features could impact the work environment.

  • iCloud Drive / Handoff - these allow employees greater flexibility to work on documents from any location or device. Handoff extends this with seamless data sharing with a shared iCloud login.
    RISKS: this could increase the chances of data going missing or falling into the wrong hands, particularly if it is later rolled out to third party apps.
  • Third Party APIs - apps can now control some aspects of the mobile OS, which is great for app variety.
    RISKS: it may introduce new vulnerabilities.
  • Fingerprint identification extended to third party developers - which is great to enable two-factor authentication, helping solve many issues surrounding passwords.
Apple has made huge strides in adding enterprise friendly benefits to iOS8, but enterprises need to be on their guard in considering how these features will impact how corporate data is stored and accessed. Businesses need to implement a secure framework for managing all devices, regardless of device type, form factor and OS, while maintaining the balancing act between data security and usability. We offer this solution with Absolute Manage.

Read more about my thoughts about the impact of iOS8 on enterprises here: “Why Businesses Should be Cautious of Apple's iOS8."

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