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Introducing Absolute's Security Posture Dashboard: "FitBit-like" Insights, Better Compliance

May 01, 2017

Say goodbye to endpoint blindspots and hello to an intuitive, "Fitbit-like" dashboard that gives IT security and compliance pros the insights they need to protect data and achieve compliance – even when a device is off the corporate network...

Less endpoint visibility equals more risk

Lack of endpoint visibility results in risks and consequences that are all too familiar: non-compliance, data breaches, financial penalties, lost reputation, and forfeited business revenues. This level of visibility is especially important for highly-regulated organizations with thousands of endpoints that contain sensitive data -- and that is potentially worth millions if compromised.

The starting point for effective data security is an accurate assessment of risk, and Absolute's new Security Posture Dashboard delivers just that to enterprise organizations. Compliance and IT security professionals get visibility across devices, critical applications, and sensitive data – even when devices are off the corporate network.

“If you are in charge of managing thousands of desktops and mobile devices – all containing confidential data –it’s unacceptable if you can’t confirm that the data is secure or compliant,” said Eric Aarrestad, EVP, product management, Absolute. “Finally, you can use this dashboard to easily assess IT vulnerabilities and potential attack surface, and then take action to ensure that the data is safe and compliant – and keep your company out of the headlines.”

Absolute's Security Posture Dashboard: Diagnose data risk, identify liabilities

Part of Absolute’s self-healing Data and Device Security solution, the Security Posture Dashboard is an at-a-glance measure of the health and compliance of endpoint devices and applications -- and gives companies a way to see and assess data-at-risk. At the end of the day, this new Dashboard gives CISOs and IT security professionals the information they need to make smarter security and business decisions.

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Absolute’s cloud-based platform puts IT and security professionals in total command of devices, data and applications -- whether on or off the corporate network -- to enhance IT asset management, protect sensitive data, reduce insider threats, and ensure compliance. The Absolute Security Posture Dashboard is available now.

Compliance Endpoint Security IT Asset Management

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