New Device Usage Reports and Security Dashboards

By: Arieanna Schweber | 11/15/2016

Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) November 2016 release introduces exciting new capabilities to monitor device usage, maximize device utilization, and gain a deeper level of visibility across your entire device population.

As part of the new release, we’ve also launched a new Security Dashboard to give you an instant, visual assessment of your security posture.

Evaluate Your Security Posture at a Glance

Take firm control of your security posture with the new Security Posture Reports and visual Security Dashboard. Instantly get an accurate health status for critical security layers, as well as an aggregate assessment across the entire security stack. With Absolute DDS, you can easily determine the status of complementary security applications such as SCCM, encryption, and anti-malware applications.

Our rich visual dashboards further enhance your ability to assess your security posture by delivering a comprehensive view of existing vulnerabilities. Data is displayed in a convenient security dashboard that graphically visualizes the health status of each of those security applications.

Rich Device Usage Reporting

Device Usage Reporting is the first in a series of solutions in our new Device Analytics framework. Using this new feature, you can log device usage rates and user activity on managed Windows devices by observing device unlock/login frequency, keystrokes, and mouse movements. This insight can be compared across device groups and time periods. The data is conveniently displayed in bar charts for easy comparisons with other customer-defined variables. You can also drill down to the individual device level in order to access more detailed information such as keystrokes and mouse movements, as well as other software and hardware details.

Device Usage Reporting is particularly valuable to Education customers who need to track effective utilization rates to justify technology funding, form comparisons across districts, schools, and even classrooms, and correlate them with student performance.

Respond to Threats Quickly 

We have also enhanced our device freeze and data delete workflows within DDS 6 to allow you to respond to threats more quickly and easily by freezing multiple devices or deleting multiple at-risk files at once.

The latest release of Absolute DDS also includes the extension of Persistence technology to Android 7 (Android N) devices.

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