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MT Højgaard Verifies SCCM Health With Absolute DDS

January 21, 2016

As one of the leading construction and civil engineering companies in the Nordic countries, MT Højgaard manages a deployment of more than 2,000 PCs, mostly laptops, which move frequently between the office and various on-site locations. With employees working remotely and often sharing devices, MT Højgaard struggled to identify users and validate that software was properly installed and working. More importantly, devices were often left in places like cars while on-site or in transit, leaving them open to theft.

"We are using SCCM as our software distribution tool. If users have tampered with the device or disabled the SCCM client, our ability to update software on the device goes away. Absolute DDS is the only system we have to reliably confirm the status of the SCCM agent so we can consistently perform these important functions without interruption,” notes Morten Lykke Jensen.

MT Højgaard needed a technology that could effectively track the inventory of their mobile devices and the software applications installed on them. They also needed a way to remotely ensure the security of their endpoint devices. MT Højgaard turned to Absolute DDS for its tracking and reporting capabilities and to address their security concerns. After a seamless deployment, Absolute DDS is now able to provide reports for status of anti-virus and OS updates, remaining hard disk space and SCCM status, ensuring the health of each endpoint.

To find out how the MT Højgaard uses Absolute DDS to improve reporting, verify SCCM status and both discourage theft and recover stolen endpoints, read the full case study.

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