Monitor and Repair SCCM with Absolute DDS

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 3/22/2016

If you rely on Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to manage your endpoints, then you understand the challenge you face when an SCCM client isn’t properly working or goes off network, creating reporting inaccuracies. Suddenly you’re unable to manage the device and to distribute important patches and software. Now, using the new security functionality in Absolute DDS, you can monitor the status of SCCM on each device, triggering an automatic repair for any clients that require attention, regardless if a device is on or off network.

Absolute customers rely on Microsoft SCCM to manage the deployment and security of endpoints, including the ability to patch software applications, a fundamental requirement to protect an organization from malware exploits. If the SCCM client requires attention on an endpoint, Absolute will trigger an automatic repair function to ensure IT can continue managing the device. Repair functions could include re-registering processes, restarting devices, or testing the availability of required components.

As Christopher Bolin, Chief Product Officer here at Absolute notes in our press release, this new security functionality in Absolute DDS addresses the many trends in mobility that have made it difficult to maintain visiblity on the endpoint.

“As mobility continues to expand beyond traditional enterprise networks, the challenge of maintaining visibility and control over these devices will increase. SCCM repair functionality is another step in our ongoing strategy to extend corporate visibility across all devices and users."

During our beta program, we had more than 1 million devices activated for the new SCCM monitoring and repair functionality, validating the importance of this new service in Absolute DDS. With the rise of the mobile workforce, maintaining visibility on or off network is a vital component in any data security strategy.

The ability to monitor and repair SCCM on endpoint devices complements existing security functionality provided by Absolute DDS including the monitoring of other security layers (such as encryption), allowing organizations to assess risk and apply remote security measures to protect each endpoint and the sensitive data it contains.

To learn more about SCCM repair with Absolute DDS, visit our website.

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