Mobile Security Risks Tied to Employees

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 11/26/2014

A recent Mobile Security Report conducted by Check Point reinforces one of the most common insights of the year, that mobile security risks are often (if inadvertently) tied to employees.

The survey spoke with over 700 IT professionals covering topics such as the perception of threats as well as actual security incidents. Respondents indicate that two-thirds of employees likely contributed to recent data breaches. For 42% of respondents, a mobile security incident has cost more than $250,000. Most organizations believe mobile security incidents are on the rise and fear the costs associated with lost or stolen information, new security weaknesses and compliance fines. Nearly all (95%) of the organizations surveyed face challenges in securing BYOD devices.

The report indicates that employee actions have the highest impact on the vulnerability of mobile data, corroborating Ponemon’s research earlier this year that indicated user-negligence is one of the biggest threats to personal devices. Employee actions in this survey were defined as accidentally downloading malicious content, lack of awareness and ignoring security policies.

Research we conducted earlier this year in our own Mobile Enterprise Risk Survey indicated that employees have a lax attitude toward security their devices as well as a skewed perception on the value of corporate data. For example, 23% of the respondents in our survey believe that data security is “not their responsibility,” and that 59% of employees believe the corporate data on their phone is worth less than $500. Given that the breach of corporate data could result in notification costs, fines and other costs in the millions of dollars, it’s clear that employees pose a large threat to data security.

As well as prioritizing ongoing employee education, organizations need to secure these mobile devices and the data they contain. Whether it’s the security of the device itself, simplifying BYOD, instituting Absolute Manage MDM for the sharing of files and media, or a more secure method for securely distributing files, we have you covered.

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