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Mobile Security at SMBs is Lacking

By: Absolute Team | 6/25/2012

Mobilisafe recently released a report on the correlation between mobile devices and the risks to corporate data. The report indicated that device management, particularly when it comes to BYOD, was introducing a lot of risk to corporate data.

Over four months, Mobilisafe collected data about device vulnerability for all devices that accessed the company networks in their study. The study focused on small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

Here are some highlights:

  • 134 mobile operating system and application vulnerabilities were discovered
  • 71% of devices in the study contained high severity operating system and application vulnerabilities
  • A new vulnerability was mapped on average to mobile devices every 1.6 days, which is 4x faster than in 2011
  • 38 different OS versions in the study contained high severity vulnerabilities
  • SMBs do not feel they have adequate tools to assess and mitigate mobile device security risks

The study indicates that companies are allowing mobile devices to access corporate data without ensuring those devices are regularly updated. If applications and operating systems are not kept up to date, company data is at risk of being leaked and servers are at risk of being hacked. According to the data, there would be a 4x drop in the percentage of devices with severe vulnerabilities if the devices were updated to the latest firmware.

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