Mobile Malware Growth Predictions

By: Absolute Team | 2/27/2012

Juniper has released the 2011 Mobile Threats Report looking into the evolution of mobile security threats, which by many accounts appears to be the focus of security discussions for 2012. The report is based on more than 790,000 applications and vulnerabilities assessed by the Juniper Mobile Threat Center which includes over 28,000 samples of malware.

As the report indicates, malware growth is increasing at an astounding rate (155%) for the mobile market. Past reports have shown the dramatic increase in Android threats; Juniper also notes how Android malware went from 400 samples in June to 13,000 samples by the end of 2011. The report talks about the increasing sophistication of malware attacks as well as malware that relied on social engineering, rather than technical vulnerabilities. Juniper predicts that attacks will continue to become more sophisticated in 2012.

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