Millfields School Foils Repeat Laptop Thief With Absolute

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 8/22/2013

We recently put together a new Case Study highlighting how Millfields School chose Absolute to quickly recover from a major laptop theft. Laptop theft can hit hard, particularly smaller primary schools and school districts, proving that protection is important for schools of all sizes.

Millfields Primary School is a state-funded school in England with 34 teachers and staff looking after 212 pupils aged 4-11 years. Millfields School considers communication technology a key part of the curriculum and has purchased 30 laptops so that every pupil in class has access to a computer. The laptops are used on a daily basis by a variety of students.

Despite a number of security measures, the school's laptops were stolen not once, but three times. Each time, the laptops were replaced with classroom disruptions of up to 8 weeks. Millfields needed a solution to tackle laptop theft before it happened again.

Millfields Primary School chose Absolute to protect all the school laptops and also purchased a special secure laptop trolley to store the laptops. Unfortunately, this trolley only held 30 of the 35 school laptops at the time; the remaining 5 were stolen. With Absolute installed, we were able to track and recover the devices from a local shop within 2 weeks.

"Absolute is quite a big investment for a small primary school, but we can't recommend it enough. We've contacted every school in Essex telling them to not wait until they've suffered the number of laptop thefts we've had, and to recommend Absolute. With Absolute and all the other security measures, we've done everything we can to either prevent laptop theft or ensure that each device is traceable if it's stolen,"said Anita Sparrow, Business Manager at Millfields Primary School.

To find out how Millfields School uses Absolute to reduce classroom disruption, save time and money and promote safety, check out the case study hereFor more on our services for K-12 Education, including additional case studies from our clients, visit here.

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