Microsoft's 6th Security Intelligence Report

By: Absolute Team | 4/15/2009

Microsoft just released the 6th volume of its Security Intelligence Report (SIR), which provides perspective on the changing threat landscape in terms of software vulnerability, malware, and the changing face of threats and countermeasures.

The SIR indicates that malicious software infected different versions of Windows at different rates. Vista was less infected than other service packs, all versions of Windows XP having higher infection rates. The data, which is based on millions of Windows users, indicates that total vulnerability disclosures was on the decline while the number of high severity disclosures was increasing each quarter. More than 90% of vulnerabilities disclosed affected applications or browsers (vs the Operating System).

In the second half of 2008, there was a rise in rogue security software, which is software that poses as being anti-malware or anti-spyware, when indeed may do nothing or be malware itself. Be sure to download your software just from trusted sources!

The report looks at data breach incidents from the OSF Data Loss database, indicating that the second half of 2008 could blame 33.5% of all data loss incidents on equipment theft, including that of laptops. Adding in equipment loss, and that total goes up to 50%. Be sure to secure your laptops and be able to see if computers have the latest software updates with our Computrace laptop security solution.

SIR Volume 6, which tracks data between July and December 2008, can be downloaded here.

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