McAfee H*Commerce Web Series

By: Absolute Team | 5/22/2009

McAfee launched a new web series this week entitled H*Commerce: The Business of Hacking You at

H*Commerce, Hacker Commerce, is the "business of making money through the illegal use of technology to compromise personal and business data." The new series will air 6 episodes, one episode being added every two weeks. Each episode involves real people doing normal online activities who are then attacked by cybercriminals. Each episode focuses on real stories in a documentary-style.

Here is the first webisode, "Unexpected Beginnings", telling the story of Janella Spears, who lost more than $440,000 as the result of an email scam. The video explores the effects this cybercrime had on Janella and her family as well as Janella's education in how to clean her system, handle hackers and stop cybercrime scams.

McAfee also recently launched a Cybercrime Response Unit designed to help victims of cybercrime.

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