Managing and Securing Data for the Remote Workforce

By: Kim Ellery | 11/9/2018

The number of remote workers continues to climb in the U.S., according to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Report. While a remote workforce may bring down overhead costs and even provide a boost in productivity, they also increase the chance your organization will experience a data breach. According to a 2018 study by Shred-It, 86 percent of CXOs attribute heightened breach likelihood to employees working outside of the office and nearly half of them say the increased probability is due to accidental device loss or employee negligence.

Even more troubling is just 35 percent of small business owners have a policy in place for storing or deleting confidential data remotely, the report said.

Full-service vegetation management contractor Asplundh is the largest tree pruning company in the U.S. and they employ more than 35,000 professionals across the U.S., Canada, Australia and (my personal favorite) New Zealand. Due to the nature of their business, a majority of their workforce is mobile and 60 percent of their employees turnover on a monthly basis. With endpoints often out in the field and accessed by so many different people, monitoring the devices’ location and status became a critical need for Asplundh. In response, they turned to Absolute for help.

With the power of Absolute Persistence, Asplundh can now monitor a device’s location and, in the instance one doesn’t return to the office, remote wipe the device of confidential data. They can also remotely generate new credentials when a new employee starts using the device or if an existing user has forgotten them.


Because the challenges of managing and securing devices used by remote employees are many, good endpoint hygiene is key and it must start with visibility. Where are the devices and is the security software, including anti-virus, data back up and patch management, running appropriately? With Absolute, Asplundh knows the answers to these questions and more and can act appropriately, in real-time.

To learn more about how Asplundh relies on Absolute for improved visibility and control, watch this video.

You can also read the full Asplundh case study here.

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