Looking for Better Mobile Device Management?

By: Absolute Team | 11/18/2013

"10 Tips for Better Mobile Device Management," a list recently published on LifeHacker by Angus Kidman following a presentation given by Gartner analyst Song Chuang at the recent Gartner Symposium in Queensland. According to Chuang, more than half the calls he takes as an analyst are related to MDM, so this insight is designed to help answer common questions:

  1. BYOD is not going away, the future is more open and more collaborative
  2. You don't have to rush, though you do need to work on your strategy
  3. Diversity in devices is here to stay, you can't adopt a single-device BYOD strategy
  4. Market share isn't always relevant, so focusing on the device that is most used (usually iOS) is important, but you can't ignore Android in the long term
  5. Not all Android devices are created equal, some are more enterprise-ready
  6. BYOD needs to be customized per-market for multinational companies
  7. Don't rely on users for security updates - it's too risky
  8. Consider a managed diversity framework
  9. Cloud storage is tricky and hard to universally block - consider an enterprise alternative to minimize risk
  10. BYOD can be managed, it need not be a source of panic

The bottom line, according to Chuang, is that MDM is "not optional" for supporting BYOD, "it’s a basic piece of tech for managing endpoints that everybody needs."

Absolute Manage MDM

Absolute Software is currently listed in two Gartner Magic Quadrants for 2013. Earlier this year, we were listed in the Mobile Device Management Quadrant (MDM MQ) for Absolute Manage MDM, though we also saw positive growth in our listing as Visionary Vendor in the Client Management Tools Magic Quadrant (CMT MQ) for Absolute Manage. We are proud to be recognized for the extensive support offered by our software.

Absolute Manage and Absolute Manage MDM (stand-alone or as a component of Absolute Manage) allows organizations to remotely manage and secure iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices from a single console.  It includes support for employee-owned devices as well as a web-based user interface so that IT can perform select administrative and security tasks working remotely or on the go.

App management, security management, controls for data management (including the flexibility and control of AbsoluteSafe), asset inventory, and easy management of BYOD through the entire employee lifecycle. Learn about all the benefits of our MDM and BYOD support Absolute Manage MDM. If you don't yet have #2 from the above list, read our BYOD Policy in 3 Steps Guide.

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