Kids and iPads: Keeping them Safe

May 28, 2013

As of February 2013, more than 4.5 million iPads were sold to US educational institutions with sales to the K-12 market doubling in year over year figures for the end of 2012. As we discussed in our whitepaper, "Realizing the Promise of Digital Textbooks," the demand for digital textbooks and e-learning is on the rise, though the use of iPads and tablets in the classroom is not without risk.

Smartphones and tablets thefts are on the rise all across the country, with robbery up significantly in major cities. Device theft is opportunistic and it's the unfortunate truth that kids are a prime target for theft. In the case of kids, their youth makes them more of a target. You’ve heard the phrase, “like taking candy from a baby;” in this case, the candy is a device worth hundreds of dollars.

Police are saying that school-issued iPads are being stolen from kids, a figure we're likely to see increase as criminals learn which schools have 1:1 programs in place. Not only does this jeopardize children's safety, it becomes a significant device management issue for school districts. Many schools struggle with tracking devices; most stolen devices are never recovered.

Computrace Mobile Theft Management Helps Prevent & Investigate Thefts

When it comes to the protection of iPads, Computrace Mobile Theft Management (MTM) has you covered. Computrace Mobile Theft Management specializes in both loss prevention and theft investigation for the iPad and iPad mini, including device registration, identity tags, theft awareness materials and device discovery services.

In the case of a theft, the Absolute Investigations & Recovery Team works to rapidly investigate the theft in collaboration with local police. With more than 1,000 years of combined experience in law enforcement and over 29,000 successful device recoveries in Absolute Software, our team has proven capabilities to investigate device thefts. 

As part of our dedication to preventing iPad and tablet theft and to protecting our kids from becoming targets for theft, we have created several articles you can access right now:


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