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KCOM Ensures GDPR Compliance & Strengthens Security Posture: Case Study

May 23, 2018

KCOM is a leading provider of IT and communication services to enterprises and public-sector organizations in the UK, helping clients integrate and leverage emerging technologies. With over 2,000 employees working across nine locations, remotely, and in the field, KCOM turned to Absolute to provide a scalable solution that would allow them to take a proactive stance against endpoint threats.

Raising the Bar on Security

As experts in leading-edge technology solutions, KCOM makes it a priority to maintain an aggressive security profile across the entire group. A high percentage of KCOM employees work remotely, which held the potential to weaken their security posture. When security incidents occurred and a VPN connection could not be maintained, IT teams had to drive out to physically manage the device. With a fleet of over 2,000 devices, this was not a scalable solution and left the team less responsive to emerging threats.

With Absolute’s Application Persistence, KCOM is now able to ensure that mission-critical applications such as their VPN agent are resilient on all devices. This ability for applications to self-heal ensures security applications remain available and effective and provides that remote connection that the Operations team needs to manage and respond to issues.

Proof of GDPR Compliance

When it comes to responding to incidents, KCOM leverages automated processes that remotely lock devices to ensure that KCOM’s data is secure at all times.

“The safety of our information is very important, especially from a GDPR perspective. With Absolute, we are sure that our data is safe at all times.”

With GDPR regulation already being enforced, the IT Operations team now has a reliable, remote connection to devices to manage and remediate issues and to prove that any regulated data residing on their devices was never compromised if an incident occurred. “The key thing that Absolute gives us is the confidence to know and prove that no data was lost,” notes Steve Williams, Manager, IT Operations, KCOM. “We can confidently say that no sensitive information is compromised or accessed, and all records and data on any PC are completely safe, no matter what.”

Compliance Data Visibility & Protection Government

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