Integrating Absolute DDS With Your SIEM Solution

By: Arieanna Schweber | 2/23/2016

If you employ a defense-in-depth security strategy that combines multiple layers of technology to protect against a range of threats, you may also use a SIEM (security information and event management) solution to consolidate the various data feeds produced by your security layers, offering you a holistic view of all information inputs.

When Absolute DDS is integrated with a SIEM solution*, data from Absolute DDS security alerts will flow seamlessly into your SIEM system, greatly enhancing your defense-in-depth security strategy. Absolute DDS alerts include notification that other layers of technology are damaged or disabled, if the device has been tampered with, if software has been removed and many other custom alerts into the security status of both device and data.

5 Useful Things you can do with Absolute DDS & SIEM

As shown in our interactive infographic, the addition of Absolute DDS information into your SIEM can provide you with greater insight into the status of your security posture.

  1. Collect Endpoint IQ - Feed unique data from endpoint events, on or off-network, into your SIEM console
  2. Identify Anomalies - Create benchmarks and investigate the outliers
  3. Get the Jump on Security Incidents - Examine the situation in the context of the larger SIEM data feed and prioritize responses
  4. Know Where & When - Receive alerts when unauthorized movement occurs
  5. Manage Compliance - Maintain a specific security posture to comply with regulatory requirements. You can check the status of: encryption, anti-malware software, SCCM functioning, location and the status of sensitive data

To learn more about how Absolute DDS integrates with, and complements, a SIEM solution, visit our website.

*Absolute DDS integrates with all major SIEM solutions.

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