In-Flight Laptop Tips

By: Absolute Team | 9/19/2009

We talk a lot about travel and laptop security here on the blog, but one thing we've never discussed is safe in-flight laptop practices. And by "safe" I refer to not just data security, but to keeping your laptop from being damaged in any way during flight.

Mary Jo Manzanares, a flight attendant and travel writer, has put together a list of in-flight laptop precautions that will make you think twice about when - and how - you use your laptop on the airplane. The tips include:

  • Don't store your laptop in an overhead bin if it's in a soft case
  • Don't angle your laptop into the aisle
  • Close and put away your laptop during service periods, so there's no risk of a beverage tipping onto it (yours or anyone elses)
  • Keep your laptop within your own seat space
  • If you leave your seat, close your laptop and put it away or leave it on the seat, not the tray

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