How You Can Overcome Device Fragmentation

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 8/19/2013

We shared with you last week the guest article by Stephen Midgley, VP of Global Marketing at Absolute Software, who wrote on the topic of Device Fragmentation as the result of BYOD on the IDG Connect blog. In the second part of the series, Stephen addresses just how you can overcome device fragmentation challenges in the workplace brought on by BYOD.

If you're a regular reader of the InTelligence blog, you'll know we've touched on this topic before. When IT is hit with multiple device types and demands by users for more access, the only way to stay on top of the changing technological landscape is to shift the focus. Rather than focusing on the device, IT should focus on the user. 

As Stephen Midgley notes, "After all, the main purpose of a BYOD policy is to secure the corporate networks and data that these devices will access. And typically, access to networks and data is defined by the individual, not the device." In this way, the policy is aligned not only for the present but also for the future, making it seamless to introduce new devices.

Creating a BYOD policy as a complement to an existing IT policy allows you to specify what will be done with the device relative to the data and infrastructure, regardless of the device type or ownership. Enforcing the BYOD policy requires that your IT infrastructure have the tools and technology to support the owners, ideally from a single environment such as Absolute Manage MDM.

As summarized recently by Absolute Software's CEO John Livingston for SiliconANGLE, setting up separate policies based on device type is both an "inefficient and expensive experience." Instead of focusing on the management of devices, you can simplify BYOD by focusing on data. When you define your data by the individual, you have a greater control over understanding what data access is needed, where the data is being used and how to respond if a security incident occurs.

For more on creating an efficient BYOD policy, read our guide on How to Implement a BYOD Policy in 3 Simple Steps. Absolute Software has been named one of the Top 10 Vendors that "Get It" when it comes to BYOD and MDM.

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