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How We Designed Our New Office

May 18, 2016

This week, we sat down with SSDG Interiors to talk about the Absolute headquarters office upgrade project and how the renovations will reshape our workspace. As an award-winning interior design consulting firm, SSDG has been working with us to define and create our new space. Through that process, several key factors have come into play in the new design, but the overall concept emphasizes flexibility, comfort and choice.

"We want to keep the private spaces private so people can do heads down work, but also give people choice of where to go," said Julie Campbell, Principal at SSDG.

In the new space, Absolute employees will have access to a variety of work areas, in addition to individual desk spaces. These areas include phone rooms, open collaborative areas, cafes, stand-up desks, quick meeting spaces within team environments and large, bookable meeting rooms.

Other features include ergonomic chairs, adjustable monitors and better lighting that will also go a long way to improve everyone's quality of life at work.

"You cannot underestimate the importance of having a workplace that employees feel proud of," says Amanda Mallow, Absolute's Senior VP of People & Culture. "I've seen over and over again employees who have that extra level of motivation just over a new coat of paint."

As part of this renovation, we will double our space over several new floors in Bentall IV. Construction is progressing at a rapid pace, and we’re all excited to showcase the finished space soon.

Discover how you can join the Absolute team. We have plenty of new career opportunities throughout the company at our offices around the world.

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