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How L.A. Tourism Secures a Distributed Workforce

February 11, 2019

The structure of work is changing rapidly. Driven by technology advancement, a global economy and a constant push for more productivity, there is a fast-moving trend toward enabling a distributed workforce. A 2018 study by Upwork illustrates the prevalence of remote work:

Remote work is already status quo for the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board. As the official marketing and sales organization for the City of Los Angeles, the L.A. Tourism inspires travelers around the world to visit L.A. for leisure, business, conventions, and events. The very nature of their business requires a highly distributed workforce. To do their jobs effectively, sales and marketing teams must be able to work collaboratively from every corner of the globe.

To accommodate out of office workers, the entire organization recently moved to a 100 percent mobile device fleet model. This enabled productivity but, as work increasingly gets done outside the corporate network, securing the devices and the apps and data that resides on them became exponentially more difficult. The organization knew they needed a comprehensive IT asset management program for full visibility, global asset intelligence, regulatory compliance, and lease management.

The Power of Absolute

By taking advantage of Absolute’s endpoint visibility and control platform, L.A. Tourism now has an unbreakable connection to their entire device fleet at all times. This level of visibility allows their IT team to know where their endpoints are located, understand when users drop off the network or the domain, or inadvertently change the device configuration. In addition, they now have enhanced levels of control that enable them to fix device issues remotely.

With the power of the Absolute platform, L.A. Tourism has a stronger security posture and increased team efficiency. The transparency and connection to the devices they use allows L.A. Tourism to better understand where their sensitive data is stored and prove compliance with data security standards and regulations.

Additionally, whenever a laptop is misplaced or stolen, or an employee or a contractor leaves the organization, L.A. Tourism’s IT team is now able to freeze the device to render it useless or wipe it clean remotely to protect any sensitive data that it may contain.

For more on how L.A. Tourism gained a clear view of their global endpoint population, download the full story: Red Carpet Event: L.A. Tourism Secures Endpoint Population with Absolute. For additional insight, learn practical guidelines for securing public sector data with the whitepaper, Implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework in Government.  

Data Visibility & Protection IT Asset Management

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