L.A. Tourism Leverages Absolute Secure Endpoint to Improve Endpoint Management and Protection

The Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board Meets Its Compliance and Endpoint Security Needs With Absolute Secure Endpoint

The Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board (L.A. Tourism) is the official destination marketing and sales organization for the City of Los Angeles. They recently moved the entire organization to a 100 percent mobile device fleet model to better facilitate their global workforce—most of which operated remotely and constantly traveled with their devices.

The Story

Keep Endpoints Protected and Compliant

As a non-profit organization, L.A. Tourism must be efficient with its resources—both devices and people—many of which are located in satellite offices worldwide. The IT team is responsible for managing and protecting the organization’s endpoints. All the while ensuring L.A. Tourism complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and various other global data security and privacy regulations.

L.A. Tourism decided on Absolute Secure Endpoint to help with four key areas: full visibility, global asset intelligence, regulatory compliance, and lease management.

Security Challenges

100% Asset

Resource Efficiency


"We had been searching for a solution like Absolute Secure Endpoint for many years. Now that we have implemented it across the organization, we’ve saved a tremendous amount of time tracking down devices while protecting the sensitive data on them. I would absolutely recommend Absolute."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Improved Visibility Keeps Devices Compliant

L.A. Tourism recognized the ability of Absolute Secure Endpoint to help maintain or meet regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, with its global workforce. By taking advantage of Absolute Secure Endpoint, L.A. Tourism could have an always-on connection to their entire device population at all times.

This level of visibility allows their IT team to know where their endpoints are located, understand when users drop off the network or the domain, or inadvertently change the device configuration. In addition, Absolute Secure Endpoint provides an enhanced level of control that enables them to fix device issues remotely. For a small IT team, this is a huge advantage.

Strengthen Security Posture With Improved Asset Management

With Absolute Secure Endpoint, L.A. Tourism’s IT team has a strong handle on managing their laptop leases and leads with a clear view of their global endpoint population. Knowing which devices have been returned and if the data has been deleted, while also being able to provide patches or freeze/wipe commands as needed, has helped them strengthen their security posture and increase the team’s efficiency.

Protect At-Risk Devices and Data

The transparency and connection to the devices they use allow L.A. Tourism to better understand where their sensitive data is stored and prove compliance with data security standards and regulations. In addition, whenever a laptop is misplaced or stolen, or an employee or a contractor leaves the organization, L.A. Tourism’s IT team is now able to freeze the device or wipe it clean remotely to protect any sensitive data that it may contain.

The Results

Improve Endpoint Security While Maintaining Compliance

With the capabilities of Absolute Secure Endpoint, L.A. Tourism has been able to protect its devices and maintain compliance.

For the L.A. Tourism team, Absolute Secure Endpoint:

  • Ensures an always-on connection to their entire device population at all times
  • Provides an enhanced level of control that enables the IT team to fix device issues remotely
  • Helps meet the demands of compliance regulations such as GDPR
  • Gives L.A. Tourism’s IT team a strong handle on managing their laptop leases and leads with a clear view of their global endpoint population

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