How CISOs Boost the Bottom Line

By: Absolute Team | 2/19/2012

According to a new whitepaper from the EC-Council, companies that employ a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) have higher profit margins, generate more revenue and have increased productivity. This claim has been further supported by research done by SC Magazine.

"An effective CISO and well-run information security program can save a company almost 10% of total revenue... This saving in gross revenue is accredited to a decreased risk of data loss and theft."

Top 10 Ways to Lead a High-Performing Information Security Program outlines how CISOs can help lead their companies to a more productive and profitable future by developing and implementing a high-performing information security (IS) program.

“Simply put, CISOs contribute to better business results by ensuring security measures are fully implemented, standardizing and automating procedures, and by taking a strategic role with the organization to make information security a part of a business process.” Affirms Jim Hurley, managing director of Symantec’s IT Policy Compliance Group.

The list was developed on the basis of a panel discussion at the EC-Council CISO Executive Summit held in December 2011. The list outlines ways to lead an effective program and how to avoid getting caught up with corporate issues that distract teams from carrying out their strategic functions.

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