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How Absolute is Positioned to Address Future Security Threats

August 29, 2016

This has been an exciting year for Absolute customers, partners, and employees. We’ve been making some changes!

For our customers, we extended our industry-leading endpoint security and data risk management solution to include Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD). This allows you to search for sensitive data on your endpoints and identify potential insider threats based on non-compliant data access. We built on this functionality to detect data stored in cloud applications on the endpoint.

Working with our OEM partners, we continue to embed Persistence into more devices. We rolled out Persistence Services to help organizations ensure availability and functionality of critical applications. And we introduced additional new features, including Microsoft SCCM monitoring and repair. Best yet, all of these features were made available through a new, redesigned interface that we launched as part of Absolute DDS 6.

Even our Vancouver headquarters got a face-lift this year. We underwent major renovations that transformed our workspace to foster creativity, collaboration and a fun, happy work environment for our people.

We've been busy, we achieved a lot, but we're not done yet.

Geoff Haydon, our Chief Executive Officer at Absolute, recently spoke with BNN about our plans for research and development spending. After a very positive quarter, with growth across our contracts, revenue, and customer base, we’re investing very heavily in R&D to take advantage of some great opportunities.

"We're confronting a really unique market opportunity right now. We're seeing a number of dynamics that are very favorable to our business. The explosion in the adoption of mobile technology, the number of endpoints organizations are deploying, the growth of enterprise information, and the emergence of the insider threat. Traditional endpoint security technologies were just not designed to understand and mitigate these types of risks," said Haydon.

"What we're seeing is a shift from these traditional technologies—that were static, reactive, precedent-based, network-dependent—to an entirely new generation of solutions that are resilient, endpoint-embedded, contextual, and predictive. We offer precisely that type of technology."

Absolute is positioning itself to combat a fast-evolving security landscape. The changes we've made over the last year have all been in the spirit of strengthening our platform:

Haydon continued, "Over the last couple of years we've really enhanced our telemetry to include other endpoint attributes like application user behavior and data characteristics. And so we're able to provide an enterprise a very rich perspective on the usage pattern of that endpoint and any potential emerging risk."

More is yet to come! We're moving into the new year with a very strong development platform and we're looking to the future.

Data Visibility & Protection

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