How a Proactive IT Strategy in K-12 Can Keep Students Safe

By: Absolute Safe Schools | 1/13/2017

Technology is now an integrated aspect of today’s schools, with one-to-one computing enhancing and enriching the way we teach and learn. K-12 schools were expected to spend $4.7 billion on technology in the past year, with no sign of slowing, but the safety of the students who are using these technologies is often overlooked.

In an article on eSchoolNews, I discuss How every school can promote safety in a digital world. In the past 25 years, technology in schools has evolved past simple word processing to become a staple of modern communication, interaction and lifestyle. The benefits of one-to-one computing initiatives are well-established—with teachers able to spend more time teaching thanks to online tools, and a greater access to resources and information for students—but there are challenges.

These challenges of modern technology in schools, specifically laptops and tablets, range from mismanagement and carelessness to misconduct and theft of school devices often putting students at risk.

Educational institutions not only have student safety to consider, but also must prove good stewardship for the funding received to purchase these technologies. In the article, I talk about the importance of:

  • Social etiquette - providing students with simple guidelines to help establish boundaries for topics such as safety, privacy, bullying, language, and what to post online
  • Protecting students and your investment - along with student safety, you are also responsible for managing and securing the devices themselves. This can mean keeping track of hundreds of devices across multiple schools used by thousands of students who are constantly on the move. Device loss and theft can create a shortfall of devices for learning, not to mention put student safety at risk.
  • Student safety and IT efficiency - most school districts are under immense pressure to create efficiencies, establish accountable oversight, and provide a secure learning and teaching environment. A reliable two-way connection to devices not only helps you keep track of devices, but to quickly assess the status of a device and installed applications, simplifying record-keeping and reducing the need for replacement devices.
  • Security that is proactive and interactive - school districts cannot rely on technology alone to protect students or the technology investment. Many districts are taking proactive educational measures to change user habits, deter theft, and protect students on and off school property.

The digital evolution within K-12 organizations represents an incredibly exciting time to be an educator, and IT is playing an important role in bringing this new learning experience to life. The same combination of teaching and technology can be used to secure your students and the devices they rely upon to learn.

Absolute DDS for Education not only helps secure your technology investment, but also helps protect your students. Persistence technology, embedded in the core of devices at the factory, provides a reliable two-way connection so Education organizations can confidently manage mobility, investigate potential threats, and maintain the safety of students that use these devices. When a device is stolen, the Absolute Investigations team works with law enforcement to help recover the device. Theft recovery services are often combined with Absolute Safe Schools, a program delivered by Absolute investigators that works with students, staff, and the community to create a safer school environment. Learn more here.

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