Healthcare Making Headway with BYOD

October 01, 2012

According to our latest whitepaper, healthcare providers are making headway on BYOD mobile strategy. Healthcare workers are turning to BYOD for a variety of reasons including a belief in increased productivity.

In June 2012, we surveyed 200 healthcare professionals (36% from hospitals and health systems) to learn whether, and how, they're incorporating the use of personal mobile devices within their organizations. According to our data, 61% of hospital and health system respondents said under half of employees use mobile devices for work (email, calendar) with 36% accessing patient data. Our survey has found that nearly half of IT departments have configured systems to work on mobile devices.

Healthcare IT professionals currently rank their top concern as healthcare information leak (34%) with non-compliance with regulatory mandates and inaccurate / incorrect information to users as the next top concerns. Our whitepaper outlines the benefits of BYOD in healthcare, how to enable better productivity on mobile devices, how to secure mobile data and other trends in healthcare mobility.

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