Getting Employees On Board with Security

By: Absolute Team | 12/4/2012

We've previously written about how most employees ignore IT security policies. While we may offer best practices for security to our employees, they may be too focused on their jobs to pay attention. There are a myriad of reasons why employees may not pay attention to security processes, so here are some great tips from Search Security on how to integrate security into the corporate culture:

  1. Focus on employee needs - let them know potential outcomes of data loss and how it could impact the company and them
  2. Use memorable and accessible messaging
  3. Use opinion leaders within the company to deliver and reinforce messages rather than security bureaucrats
  4. Encourage changes with cooperative measures (the article gives a good example of how to encourage better password practices)
  5. Track the progress of new processes (such as suggesting better passwords) and continue to encourage strong security measures by highlighting good examples

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