A Framework to Assess BYOD

By: Absolute Team | 8/22/2014

Aragon Research recently put out a Special Report looking at how to maximize the benefits of BYOD. The report, Confronting BYOD, builds upon the concept of of “bring your own workplace,” which urges organizations to harness the agility and productivity of BYOD without getting stuck on the risks. This is not to say that organizations should ignore these risks, but rather address the management, cost and security issues in such a way as to enable BYOD to be as effective as possible.

The research covers four main areas:

  • The “bring your own workplace” message behind BYOD
  • Taking a holistic approach to BYOD strategy. This mirrors what we’ve been writing about lately, about how the pressure to support devices has led to a device and security strategy that is often fragmented, inefficient and filled with risks. A “holistic” approach looks at the big picture, rather than focusing on each device, balancing this user-centric strategy with a tool that is cost-effective, efficient and user-friendly.
  • A planning framework for BYOD which goes over 5 factors to consider
  • Mobile management taxonomy and how we should look beyond MDM to embrace EMM instead

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