Employee Endpoints a Weak Point for Healthcare Organizations

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 9/29/2014

According to a recent Forrester Research brief, healthcare employee endpoints are one of the most vulnerable sources of data loss. The report, "Stolen And Lost Devices Are Putting Personal Healthcare Information At Risk,” underscores the importance of endpoint management and security to prevent data loss.

There is no doubt that mobility has had a positive impact in healthcare. From diagnostic care to physician communications, patients are benefiting from more accurate and timely treatment plans, reducing hospital costs and inefficiencies. Unfortunately, the convergence of healthcare with mobile technology and big data poses new risks for data security and compliance. The high black-market value for personally identifiable information (PII) and personal healthcare information (PHI) is making healthcare data an attractive target and employee endpoint devices are a weak spot for many healthcare organizations.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Healthcare records are five times as likely to be lost due to device theft / loss
  • Healthcare employees spend significant time working (and accessing PHI) outside of the workplace
  • More than 41% of healthcare organizations have not deployed endpoint encryption (let alone more advanced endpoint security solutions)

The brief discusses the current state of endpoint data loss in healthcare organizations, highlighting the need for a data-centric approach to endpoint security on all employee devices. Forrester believes, as do we at Absolute Software, that this data-centric approach can "ultimately lead to fewer compliance violations and a greatly reduced risk of data loss events."

Absolute Software has been providing healthcare organizations with solutions to manage and secure their IT endpoints (and the data they contain) since 1993. We can help you respond if a device is missing or stolen, allowing you to protect patient data and remain compliant, as well as offer further endpoint management and ITSM solutions. Learn more about Absolute’s healthcare solutions here. We also welcome you to contact analysts at Forrester for their thoughts on Absolute Software an our technology.

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