Educators Play Key Role in Preventing Mobile Theft in Youth

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 3/19/2014

20% of kids aged 8-16 have experienced mobile theft. Teens and youth aged 14-24 are more than twice as likely to be victims of mobile theft as other age groups in London, and we’re seeing kids as a growing target for mobile theft across North America too.

In Minneapolis this week, surveillance video captured a man punching an 8-year-old boy to steal his iPad. The video shows the boy walking down the street with an iPad in his arms when he’s approached by a man, who without warning punches the boy in his face so hard the boy falls down. The man runs off with the iPad, though he has since been apprehended thanks to this video and local witnesses.

This theft - this brutal violence - could have been prevented. Recent news has also shown us thieves targeting a Girl Scout and a 2-year-old using an iPad in a car. All of these thefts were preventable.

The Role of Educators in Preventing Mobile Theft

With kids & teens a growing target for mobile theft, perhaps even becoming the newest form of bullying, educators have an important role in preventing mobile theft. As with other key topics, be they cyberbullying or online safety, educators need to supplement the work of parents to provide safety awareness information as well as a safe school environment.

FACT: K-12 Schools are the #1 place laptops are stolen

FACT: K-12 Schools with known 1-to-1 programs are being targeted by thieves

FACT: Kids are increasingly the victims of thefts as they walk to or from school with the devices they use in the classroom as well as personal devices

We need to provide a safe environment for kids to use these devices in the school environment, and we need to provide kids and parents with the information they need to keep these devices safe off school property. Our top prevention tip is to keep devices hidden, but in the video we show above, the boy was walking around with the iPad in his arms - that’s like walking around with hundreds of dollars on display.

Absolute Safe Schools Reduces Mobile Theft Risks

Absolute Safe Schools is an integrated program that works in conjunction with existing Absolute Software theft recovery technology. Our K-12 Program is designed to help protect students, staff and assets and create a safer environment overall.

The Absolute Safe Schools program includes:

  • Initial assessment of device storage and security protocols
  • Protected Campus deterrent materials including on-site signage and community outreach
  • Anti-theft device stickers for student devices
  • Messaging for schools to drive awareness in the communities
  • Ongoing interaction with school police and crime prevention officers

By focusing on protection, deterrence and recovery, Absolute Safe Schools is a comprehensive solution to keep kids safe while using mobile devices. To learn more, visit here.

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