Driving Mobility Through MDM

By: Absolute Team | 1/25/2013

Peter Frankl, VP of Lifecycle Management here at Absolute Software, recently shared his experience with Mobile Enterprise Magazine on the topic of Driving Mobility Through MDM. Peter uses a driving analogy to share why going automatic trumps manual when it comes to managing a corporate mobility program.

If organizations needed a license to drive their mobile device management (MDM) strategy, many would still be working on their learner's permit. A lot of businesses are still going on test drives as they transition from basic MDM to more complex strategies that support bring your own device (BYOD), corporately-owned personally enabled (CoPE) and other user-centric models.

Peter shares 3 main tips, which he goes into in detail in the article. These tips are:

  • Stop Treating Portable Devices Differently
  • Forget Devices – Think Users
  • Secure Access Not Data
These tips highlight the importance of not boxing mobile device management as something "different." Users want the same experience on their mobile as on a desktop, so your MDM policy should focus on business-enablement and user productivity.
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